Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

By: Ryan

Just wanted to write a quick note letting everyone know that we survived the storm just fine. Several people have asked and yep, we're just fine. We don't even have any cool pictures to show you. There wasn't any flooding, wind damage, downed trees, power outages, or anything else in our area. All we got was heavy rain...nearly two feet over the past four days. A lot of other parts of Florida got hit really hard, especially along the coast near Cocoa Beach. But our area fared really well.


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  1. Ryan and Shelsy, So glad to hear you survived storm, Fay. We thought about you and prayed you were safe. We figured "no news is good news".We are looking forward to a visit from Karen and Aaron for Papa"s 75th birthday.
    Love to you both,