Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cocoa Beach Sunrise

By: Ryan

Being unemployed does have a few advantages. For example, we are able to decide last minute to spend a weekday at the beach. :-) This past Tuesday, we decided that we would get up early and drive to Cocoa Beach to watch the sunrise. The beach is a little over an hour away and sunrise was at 6:45am, so we left right around 5am to make sure we got there early enough to see the sky changing colors before the sun came up.

The beach was really nice! We both really liked it and definitely plan on going back. The only problem was the super weird sticky sand. Once it stuck to your skin, not even walking into the water would get it off. It took actual scrubbing under the little beach shower thingy to get it off. Weird. :-)

Here's a pretty cool time lapse video of the sunrise. I'll record a much better one next time. :-)


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