Saturday, July 5, 2008

Last Week: Our first visitors!

By: Ryan

Last week we had our first visitors from back north. Well, unless you count Aaron and Tom, but they were more hired help than houseguests. :-)

My mom and Shanna flew down last week and we had a great time during their visit. We went to Aquatica, Seaworld, Universal Studios, and Islands of Adventure. Here are some pictures from their visit:

This is Shanna and my mom in the lazy river at Aquatica, Seaworld's water park. There are actually two lazy rivers, one that requires tubes and moves slowly, and one that is no-tubes-allowed and moves very fast. The faster moving one was definitely a hit. :-)

Here's Shanna, cruising up for the kill, apparently.

Here are Shanna and Shelsy posing in front of the Blue Man Group splashing TV. The show was excellent, as always, and afterwards, Shanna and Shelsy both got "autographed." :-)

(this and all of the following pictures have been shamelessly stolen from Shanna)

Here are Shanna, Shelsy, and myself outside Islands of Adventure. I look super happy to be taking another picture, don't I? :-)

And finally, here are all four of us outside Universal Studios. Definitely a quality place.

So as you can see, we totally had an excellent time during their visit. Here's hoping they can come again soon, and that we get more visitors in the near future. :-)



  1. I object to this post. They were your second visitors. Tom and I were clearly the first. We just happened to visit at the same time you moved in. And what is this nonsense about hired help? HIRED? Hiring someone requires and exchange of money or some equally valuable. As far as I recall we were never paid for our labors. So really, we were more like slave labor.

  2. Nice! We had a great time too!

  3. I fully agree with Aaron. You are deceiving your faithful readers with such a blasphemous post. Aaron and I were indubitably your first visitors. And unless my paycheck got lost in the mail, there was nothing hired about our help. Get your facts straight, man! Sheesh...this blog clearly needs an Editor.