Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well, as most of you know, just over a month ago my sister welcomed her baby boy into the world. I had the chance to go up and see him just over a week ago. He's so sweet, as you can see from the pictures. He's the first grandchild for my parents and the first great grandchild in our family as well. So he's definitely getting a lot of attention. Ryan and I are his only aunt and uncle, also, so we plan to spoil him just a little. :-)

It was nice going back to PA and seeing everyone again, meeting the little guy, and just hanging out. When I was there I was almost always holding him, which I enjoyed immensely. :-) I also got to celebrate father's day when I was there, which was very nice. Here's a picture of Von and Carter on Von's very first father's day.

So it was a good week. I miss Carter and everyone else already. Hopefully Ryan and I will both be able to go up again soon. Maybe next time Carter will actually know who I am...probably not. :-)

Here are a few more pictures:

Carter with the block Ryan and I made for him.


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