Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ahem...Announcement Time...

By: Ryan

So, I suppose you're all wondering why I asked you here today. It's quite simple, really. I have an announcement of sorts. By this time, most of you have probably already guessed what I'm about to say, so I'll just go ahead and say it:

Our TV works now! Yes, I finally got the wiring all set and we can finally watch CBS again! Woohoo! I'm sure that makes you all just as happy as it makes me!

Oh, not the announcement you were expecting, eh? Well, let's see if I can think of a better one...I got a new high score in Mario Kart! And, let's! The grocery store had beer on sale a few days ago. I bought sixteen cases, which is actually a shame because I'm the only one drinking it lately. Yeah, did I mention that? Shelsy can't have alcohol anymore.

And another thing...we live really close to some of the greatest amusement parks in the country and yet Shelsy also can only ride the not-so-thrill-rides. And she's been feeling a bit under the weather as of late.

Which all leads me to the real announcement...we're pregnant! We just found out last week and we couldn't be more excited! Sure, this makes the job search a bit more serious, but it's all God's timing and we're confident He has a plan for us and for the baby.

There's also that whole thing where they say you're not supposed to tell anyone about a pregnancy until more than 12 weeks have gone by, because the risk of a miscarriage drops after that. But you are all our supportive friends and family. We decided that we'd rather share the exciting news now, knowing that if something goes wrong, we'll still have your support.

You can all be praying for Shelsy, too. She's not feeling very good at all. Which, for those of you who know about pregnancy is actually a good thing. They say that the worse the mother feels during the first few months, the better the baby is doing. Works out for the baby, but... :-)

So...yeah, that's the big news! Pretty crazy exciting, isn't it? I seriously can't wait! If all goes according to plan and we are able to come up for a visit in October, you're very likely to see me wearing this shirt. :-)



  1. That's awesome! I couldn't be happy for you guys. And Ryan, you're probably going to need all that extra beer over the next couple months :-)

    I loved how you wrote the post too, very well done!

  2. Whoaa!!! Congrats! That is so exciting. You guys will be such great parents.

    Thanks for sharing the great news!

  3. how exciting! shels i love how the Lord works things out in his timing! :) i'll never forget praying with you at the cam retreat. and now less then a year later!! keep us updated.

  4. congratulations guys that is so exciting! thanks for sharing the great news. It's a little crazy to think of you as parents and as your parents as grandparents though, wow... :-)

    Hope we get to see you in October.

  5. Congratulations! Ryan, your mom told me the good news today. I had to fish out your blog address, so sorry if this is a little late.

    So happy for you two. Ryan, you'll always be the kid with the blue hair who helped me with tech stuff and was actually interested in the balloon project. And now, you'll be a dad!

    Great news! Keep us updated.