Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Been Half a Year!

By: Shelsy

Wait, what? Seriously, how is that possible? I can not believe how fast that went! Look how big she is. :-) She has had quite a month. As you can see, she has pretty much mastered sitting up.

She's also getting much better at rolling over and moving across the floor. She is starting to be able to roll back-to-tummy and then tummy-to-back consecutively. We often lay her down only to find her several feet away within a few minutes.

She's still working on creeping, and eventually, crawling. She can separately lift up with her hands, and get her knees under her...but not at the same time. Soon, though, I think. She kind of crawls on her tummy, but it's so slow, I don't think it really counts. She can go backwards pretty quickly, though.

She's smiley all the time. She hasn't done her crinkle-nose thing much in the last few days, though, which kind of makes me sad. She's still not laughing a whole lot, either. She does sometimes, but it's rare.

She loves going to the park in the evenings. We've started sitting her facing front in the stroller so she can look around.

And, of course, she started eating solid food! So far she's had avocado and sweet potato, and seems to be thoroughly enjoying the whole eating process. She wastes no time getting the food in her mouth, and loves to grab the spoon and stick it in her mouth herself. I've been making her baby food myself, which has been super easy and fun. I'm looking forward to introducing all kinds of new foods to her (and maybe find some new foods we can try too!)

She still doesn't have any teeth, though. But she chews on everything. Here's a picture of her chomping on some celery, as promised.

As always, she's just the sweetest baby. She doesn't give us any trouble--on the contrary. She eats and sleeps well and is now 18 pounds 4 ounces, and 26 1/4 inches long. She's absolutely perfect, and these have been the most amazing six months!


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