Friday, March 23, 2012

Evan's first haircut

This post is a couple months overdue, but better late than never, especially on something this adorable.

Back in early February, little Evan got his first haircut! After one too many times being mistaken for a girl, we decided it was high time for a haircut.

So, naturally, we headed off to Disney World. The Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street has a special package for boy's first haircuts which includes the haircut, certificate, and a special pair of "first haircut" mickey ears.

Aside from being very distracted by the other activity in the shop, Evan did great and got tons of Mickey stickers. Amber even got to watch a parade go by while we were in there, which worked out perfectly.

His new hair looks very handsome and he actually got several comments on it that same day. And for the rest of his life he can say that he got his first haircut at Disney World. How cool is that?