Friday, April 1, 2011

Amber's new bubble machine

By: Ryan

Amber loves bubbles. She loves chasing them, trying to blow them herself, and asking us to fill the house with them. It's tiring and we've gotten dizzy more than once from blowing bubbles. So Amber got an early birthday present this week, and she's been enjoying it even more than we thought she would:

Yep, she now has a real bubble machine. It sits on the ground and fills the area with a rather insane amount of bubbles. Amber loves it, of course, and asks for it every time we go outside. She especially likes taking her plastic fork and saying, "Poke! Poke!" while popping bubbles.

Here's a video and a few more pictures. Look for another post this weekend about her actual birthday. We think she's gonna have a blast. :-)

click here to watch in HD