Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Amber's 2nd Birthday

by: Ryan

It's really hard to believe that our little girl turned two this month. She's become a total little person now, with a serious personality and preferences that she is clearly able to communicate to us. It's been amazing watching her grow and every day brings something new.

For her 2nd birthday, we took her to the T-Rex Restaurant at Downtown Disney which she mostly enjoyed. Though, whenever the meteor shower (loud noises and flashing lights) would start, she'd bury her face in my shoulder and say, "Scared! Scared!" It was remarkably cute, and a little bit sad.

The room we ate in was the "ice cave" room which would periodically transition from blue to pink as we ate. Amber was a big fan of the room turning pink.

After eating, we explored the other shops where Amber found a snake she liked, and found Mickey and Minnie.

Then we went to Magic Kingdom where Amber got to ride her three favorites: the tram, the monorail, and the train. :-)

Aside from being moderately scared at the restaurant, I'd say it was a success of a birthday. She still talks about eating with dinosaurs. And if you ask her how old she is now, she says, "Two!" while attempting (and failing) to hold up two fingers.