Friday, June 5, 2009

Family Visit and Two Month Birthday!

By: Shelsy

Well, I'm combining two posts because I haven't gotten around to updating in awhile, plus our Internet has been down for the last three days, so that didn't help much. But my parents, Mindy, and Carter all came down for a visit a couple of weeks ago, which was awesome. This was the first time my family has been able to see Amber, so I was really excited for them to come. We had a great time! We did some shopping, hung out around the apartment, and went to SeaWorld. It was fun seeing Carter again too--he wasn't even crawling yet the last time I saw him, and he started walking by himself the first day he got here! (We think he might have been a little jealous that his mommy and grandparents were paying attention to another baby!) Here are some pictures from their visit:

And, our little baby turned two months old on Tuesday! I seriously can't believe it. She's already gotten so big. She weighed in at 14 pounds 2 ounces and she's now 23 3/4 inches long. She's almost too big for her bassinet. This month she morphed out of being a newborn. She's smiling a lot more, and making all kinds of cooing and cute baby noises. She's very alert and loves looking around and watching us. We also started a bedtime routine with her every night, which we've all really enjoyed. She's sleeping beautifully at night, and is generally just a joy to be around. She's seriously awesome and we can't get enough of her! :-) Here are some of my favorite pictures from this past month:



  1. An amazingly beautiful doubt about it!!

  2. What a doll baby!! Miss you guys! =)