Sunday, January 11, 2009

Birthday at the Magic Kingdom

By: Ryan

Disney World Entrance

This past Friday was my birthday and in case you haven't heard, Disney is running a promotion where anyone can get free admission to one theme park on their birthday. So, being that we only live half an hour away, what better way to spend a birthday? :-)

When we got to the park to pick up our tickets, the guy at the ticket window said, "You have a popular birthday. This is the most birthday people we've had yet." And he was right. As we explored the park, I saw dozens of other people sporting the Happy Birthday button.

We went to Magic Kingdom, because there are quite a few rides there that Shelsy can still go on, being pregnant and all. :-) The weather was perfect all day and we had a great time.

Aloha Isle Refreshments Sign

Shelsy even got to try on one of the super huge hats for sale in the Pirates gift shop:

We had a super fun day and even stayed for the fireworks. After the park closed, we decided to head over to Downtown Disney and see if it was still open. Heh. Not only was it open, it was quite crowded. We got something to eat, explored around a little, and then headed home.

Definitely a quality birthday, I have to say. If any of you feel like celebrating your birthday with a free trip to Disney World, you're always welcome to stay with us. :-)


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