Monday, May 12, 2008

Our new apartment!

By: Ryan

(note: it has come to my attention that those of you reading this by email don't see the author of the post. So, from now on, we're going to put the author at the top. Those of you reading this in a feed reader or by visiting the site itself can already see the author, so this will be fairly redundant. :-)

Anyway, we are all moved in to our new apartment! That, of course, is a relative term seeing as how there are still unpacked boxes everywhere. But they're all in, the truck has been returned, and we are steadily unpacking. The apartment is arranged differently than our old one, which has made placement of furniture slightly more complicated, but it's coming together.

The picture above is our new front door, and here's a shot of the awesome tree outside our back door:
Our Internet got hooked up earlier today, but the wireless router is packed in box #26 somewhere. :-) So...that'll be a job for tomorrow. For now, we're just plugged in to the router.

Everything is coming along nicely and we really like our new place. We're really excited about getting plugged in at Metro Life and to start job hunting. Should be exciting, and we'll definitely keep you all updated!

I leave you with a picture of Tom putting together our new DVD rack. Yeah. This is our highly qualified moving help at work.


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