Saturday, April 5, 2008

Two Weeks From Everywhere

"Well ain't this place a geographical oddity! Two weeks from everywhere!"
--O Brother Where Art Thou

So today I realized something. We can move into our new apartment in two weeks. So, from here on out, when I get a job, I can tell them I can start in two weeks. So Shelsy and I are now on two weeks alert, I suppose. :-) Having the possibility of moving in two weeks constantly there is a bit scary. Guess we should start packing a little more, eh?

Speaking of that, we had a more serious packing day today. We went through the storage closet and consolidated everything into boxes and labeled them all. We're quickly approaching the limit of stuff we can pack in advance. It'll soon just be a waiting game. Once we know for sure when we're moving, we'll pack up things like dishes, clothes, the TV, stuff like that.

So this is about to get exciting. I have applied for some pretty cool sounding jobs over the past couple weeks. A few of you may have heard about the blogging position at the advertising company that I applied for. Unfortunately, that one didn't work out. But that simply means that God has something better out there for me. I'm confident that He'll provide...and, to be honest, two of the jobs I applied for yesterday sound just as, if not more exciting than the blogging one.

We'll keep you all posted. We may still have over a month left in the slowly thawing north, but we could be up and moved pretty quickly if an opportunity presents itself. Stay tuned!


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