Tuesday, April 1, 2008

(APRIL FOOLS!) Change of Plans

UPDATE: As most of you guessed, this story was, indeed, an April Fools joke. I hope it made you laugh. :-)

Yes, after very little thought, Shelsy and I have decided on a fairly drastic change of plans. Instead of Florida, we have decided to move to Australia. As in, the land down under.

I managed to get a job at the Sydney Opera House sweeping the stage, but they say I can move up to Choir Master in 25 years or so. Shelsy's going to work at a local telecommunications firm doing network infrastructure troubleshooting and integrated systems management. Either that or McDonalds, she hasn't decided yet.

What are our reasons for moving, you ask? Well, we've always wanted to visit, firstly, and what better way to explore a new place than to move there? Also, they say that the water swirls the other way when going down the drain and that's definitely reason enough. They also have cool accents down there that we both plan on adopting immediately.

Another reason for moving is that the seasons are completely reversed. Cold in June and warm in January. I could have a barbecue on my birthday! How brilliant is that? If that's not reason enough to move, I don't know what is.

We plan on exploring the outback, too. Maybe adopting a pet kangaroo or two. Eventually, we hope to start our own preservation society and kangaroo adoption and placement service. We just both have a heart to live among the animals and live off the land.

So if you could pray for us, that would be great. This is a big step of faith and since we haven't really prayed about it or discussed it with anyone, we'd appreciate it if you guys could, at least.

UPDATE: As most of you guessed, this story was, indeed, an April Fools joke. I hope it made you laugh. :-)



  1. Genius!

    If it were true we would visit! Maybe if you get enough positive feedback it will become a reality?

    I for one think God definitely wants you to move there.


  2. hahaha - april fools!

  3. You're ridiculous!! Haha!

    You should have done this on March 31st, which would have been April 1st in Australia. Then it might have been REALLY believable because nobody would have suspected the April Fool's joke.

    ...and if you're really moving to the land down under, Christine and I will be joining you this winter. Well, actually it would be summer in Australia. Anyway, whatev. Nice joke.