Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Visit

By: Ryan

This post is long overdue, but better late than never, I guess. Amber has been keeping us quite busy lately, and even when she's not running around the house being cute, her favorite thing to do is sit on my lap at the computer and watch Pixar movies on the second monitor while I try to work with one hand. Not very conducive to blog writing. :-)

So anyway, this past summer we had the opportunity to have Shanna stay with us for a little while. We definitely enjoyed having her around, and Amber was quite excited to have someone to play with. The door would open and Amber would whirl around, pointing and saying "Sha-sha!" Lots of fun. :-)

Then, in July, we were treated to a visit from my family. They came down for a week and stayed at a hotel near SeaWorld. We had a great time hanging out with them, going to the various theme parks, and watching Amber be her adorable self.

Shanna got us into Disney a few times, which was tons of fun, especially for Amber. Though at the time, Amber was still using the word "Minn-e!" to describe Mickey and Minnie. Now, her vocabulary seems to have devolved, since it's now just "Nee!" Oh well. :-)

Here are some pictures from the visit. Thanks for coming everyone, we had a great time! Look for some videos to be posted later this week.