Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Most Photogenic Babies Results!

By: Ryan

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I'm sure you remember the Most Photogenic Babies photography contest we wrote about a little while back. Well, the results are in and so are the photos. The photo to the left is the one we picked to enter in the contest. Crazy adorable, in my opinion. :-)

Anyway, the contest was broken down into several age groups and categories, with two winners per category, and then one overall Most Photogenic Baby winner. Unfortunately, Amber didn't win Most Photogenic Baby (though she deserved it). But she did come home with two trophies!

Amber won runner up in judges' choice for her category (the smaller trophy), and she won first place for voters' choice in her category (the bigger trophy). That voters' choice award is determined by the amount of money raised in the baby's name...which means all of your donations paid off! A huge thanks to everyone that donated. We passed our $100 goal, meaning we got copies of all the professional photos, and we won Amber a nice trophy for contributing the most money among babies in her category.

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So thanks, everyone! Amber is now a decorated baby photographic star. I foresee lots and lots of modeling competitions in her future.

For a look at Amber and all the other category winners, check out the official Photogenic Baby site. Scroll down for pictures of the trophy awarding. :-)