Friday, August 14, 2009

4 Month Update

By: Shelsy

Well, I'm a little late in posting this, and I've already covered a lot of stuff that's happened this month, but here's an official update of the four month mark. :-)

She weighs 16 pounds 11 ounces and is now 26 inches long. She's so long that her 9 month size footy jammies are a bit stretched when she wears them! Otherwise, she's wearing mostly 3-6 month size. She's even more alert and interactive. So much fun!

She's sucking her thumb even more now--putting her to sleep has been a breeze lately. We pretty much just lay her down and she finds her thumb and passes out. Although lately when I feed her she keeps trying to suck her thumb instead! Silly girl...she figures it out eventually. :-)

She also found her feet! She grabs them all the time. She hasn't tried putting them in her mouth yet, though. Here's a picture of the first time she got a hold of them:

And she seems to love hanging upside down.

 She loves it when we carry her like this. Even when we're holding her she'll arch her back until she's looking upside down. She must like seeing the world from such a crazy angle!

I don't think it'll be too long until she's mobile. She's working on sitting up and when she's on her tummy she can usually manage to scoot herself a few inches forward. She just doesn't have the arm strength to hold herself up yet. It's coming though, and quickly. We're going to need to babyproof this place pretty soon!

Here are some of the highlights from this month:



  1. The pictures are so adorable. I love looking at the pictures and videos. The one of her sitting up is so cute. Dad giggled when he watched it and so did I. Too cute!!

  2. Thank you so much for sending monthly updates for all to see. She is absolutely adorable and changing so much so fast. It is cute to see her grab her feet. WE do miss seeing her and your emails help a lot-we love the video of her "sitting up". Can't wait to see her in Dec.
    Nana Keck