Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Baby

By: Shelsy

This was Amber's first Easter! Two weeks ago I was thinking we might "miss" Easter this year because I didn't know when she would be arriving. I was expecting her to be at least a little bit late--maybe even not coming until after Easter. But by the time Good Friday rolled around our little one was definitely up for her first trip to church. She did great, too! At the Good Friday service she was awake the whole time and just looked around at everything. I think the loud music might have been a little much for her, but she didn't cry or fuss. She was just starting to get hungry toward the end, so we just went right home afterwards and she was fine.

Then on Easter Sunday we headed to church again (on time, even!) and got to introduce her to some of our friends. She slept through most of the service. She has been so cooperative with all of the places we've taken her so far. She's definitely a very happy baby! Here are some pictures of her from the weekend.



  1. dr. joseph as grandpa joseph is my favorite! though second favorite is amber's easter bonnet. loving the family of 3!!!

  2. she's so adorable! glad you all had a nice Easter :)

  3. I don't know who's the proudest, you two or Grandmom & Grandpop.

    Love & Prayer to your new life & Family

    Happy belated Easter