Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One Month Left!

By: Shelsy

My due date is exactly one month from today! My little countdown clock says 30 days. That's so crazy. Ryan and I are a mix of super excited, frustrated that we have to wait, and trying to hurry up and get some things finished up before she arrives. Well, I'm mostly the one with the to-do list--Ryan is just ready to meet her NOW. :-)
I've been feeling great--everyone keeps asking me that question. I've been blessed to have a very easy pregnancy all along, and any discomfort has been pretty minor. Let's hope labor goes the same way!
Some of the women from my church threw me a baby shower this past Saturday, which was very kind of them. My friend Cristina hosted and planned everything. I had a great time and got even more adorable things! It still feels like we haven't been here very long and we're still just getting to know people (even though it's been almost a year!) so it was kind of amazing to me that people even came, haha. There were even people there who I hadn't even met before. I even got things from people who I still haven't met!
So I had a good time and now we have pretty much everything we need, except for just a few things. The baby's room is almost ready, we just need to organize it a little, and decorate. I can't believe it's almost time to meet her!
Here are some pictures from the shower taken by my friend Debi:
Showing off my cloth diapering skills (heh). Juanita and I had to work together each using only one hand. We put this beauty together in only 32 seconds.


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  1. I love the pictures you send. How nice of your friends to have a shower for you. They look like a nice group of young ladies. You look a little different than when I saw you in Pa. Don't count on having another month???
    She may come a week or so early. We would not mind that, would we? We watch Wheel of Fortune every night but so far have not seen you. We will keep looking. Love, Nana