Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Pictures

By: Ryan

Shelsy had another ultrasound appointment a few days ago and we got some new pictures! The one above is a picture of the baby's little face, with the nose being the prominent white shape in the center and the eyes above and below that. Pretty cool, eh? :-)

And this one is a picture of the spine. I think this one is pretty awesome, personally:

We're hoping the baby is still a girl. :-) The nurse at this appointment wasn't able to tell, but she said she was "80 percent sure" it's a girl. So, we'll keep buying pink things, I suppose. The nurse also commented on how much the baby was moving around. Every time she'd try to get a picture of something, the baby would squirm around or move out of the way. Pretty cute. :-)

Other than that, Shelsy is feeling well, and getting bigger every day. Only a few more months to go!



  1. How wonderful it is to see the ultrasound pictures of our first great grandchild. We do hope it is a girl however we will love a baby boy just as much. We will just change the colors from pink to blue. it is good to hear Shelsy is doing well. I bet you are glad you live in Fla as you hear of the bad weather in the rest of the country. we had another ice storm and more snow last night. Many businesses are closed today and roads are slick, some closed as well. we hope you have a Merry Christmas and keep those pictures coming. We love you, Nana & Papa Keck

  2. BAAAAHHHH!!!! you can see the FACE!!! ahhhhhh!!!!


  3. i love ultrasound pictures. because i can honestly never see anything really. but i still ooooh and awwwww over it :) i could see the spine though....didn't miss that :)
    so exciting!