Monday, May 26, 2008

Top 10 Food Items We Miss

By: Ryan

I have a number of ideas for humorous Top 10 lists that I will be posting today and tomorrow. To start things off, here are the top 10 food items from Pennsylvania that we find ourselves missing on a regular basis:

10. On The Border - a super quality Mexican restaurant in Exton. The nearest one is in Gainsville, two hours away.
9. Wawa toasted raviolis
8. Wawa salads
7. Wawa breakfast sandwiches
6. Produce Junction - while we did find a cheap "farmer's market" style produce place, it's not nearly as cheap as the ever awesome Produce Junction. Alas.
5. Wawa chicken sandwiches
4. Wawa soups
3. Wawa hoagies
2. Genuardi's, Acme, Giant, or any other grocery store back north. Don't get me wrong, the big chain of stores down here is great and actually has better prices than any of the stores in PA, but I just don't like having to shop at a store with a name like Publix. :-)

And the number one food item we (or rather I) miss...

1. Wawa Iced Coffee - the closest alternative down here is McDonalds, which definitely makes a good iced coffee...but it's not the same.

So, um, yeah, we kinda miss Wawa. There just isn't anything even remotely similar down here. There are Seven Eleven gas stations and stores everywhere, and BP gas stations have their little convenience store that's not bad, but...but...sigh.

Anyone who visits us and wants to throw a hoagie or some toasted ravioli's into their bag might get preferential treatment when they arrive. :-)


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  1. Wawa is freakin gross, man. Make your own stupid iced coffee.