Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thanks for the Replies!

It didn't take long after I sent the big email yesterday before the replies started coming in. Shelsy and I were both very encouraged by the number of friends who replied to my email with messages of support and love. It means a lot that our friends want to encourage and support us even though they may not like the decision.

There are definitely some replies that I need to share, though. First of all, the award for the very first reply goes to...Grant Clark! And now, some notable quotes from the reply emails:

"The weather will be much better, huh??" --Matt Hayes

"Please add us to your “encouraging and supportive, but obviously sad” list!" --Mick Burke

"So, do you think that extra room is big enough for my family?" -- Kenny Lynch

"I think that Metro Life should give you a membership signing bonus and also that we as a church should get some kind of monetary dividends from them!" --Jamie Leach

"That is cool as nails dude!" --Nick DiMaio


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