Friday, March 7, 2008

Our Apartment

We got our application for the apartment in the mail yesterday. I was pretty excited because the woman I talked to said she would include a brochure. I don't think this place has a website, so we haven't even seen any pictures so far (scary, I know) and I was excited to see the pictures in the brochure. Well. Standards for brochure-making apparently aren't very high at this place. It's just a tri-folded piece of card stock with some colorless floorplans and a map. A few lines of text here and there, their phone number and address, and that's it. The images aren't even lined up with the folds, so some of them creep over onto other sides of the brochure. Ryan made a comment that maybe they'd hire him to do graphic/web design.

Oh well. My disappointment at having no pictures to look at was pretty much immediately forgotten as I excitedly pored over the floor plan for the model we are hoping to get. That's it in the picture. Isn't it wonderful?!

Let's go over some of the finer details:

- a porch!
- a window in the kitchen! that looks out onto the porch!
- it looks to me like there are double sinks in the kitchen. yay!!!
- a patio!
- a third bedroom! (kind of obvious, but it's a big step up for us. :-)
- a linen closet! I feel weird being excited about that, but we don't have one now, so it must be exciting
- do you see the size of that closet in the master bedroom?! it's almost the size of the bathroom!!!
- it appears that there are two windows in the master bedroom: one regular window and a sliding glass door that leads to the...
- terrace! I don't even know what a terrace is, but look at it! It's huge, whatever it is, and sounds AWESOME.

So, um, yeah. Needless to say I'm pretty excited. I would still have liked some pictures, but I'll make due with this for now.

Number of boxes packed to date: 2


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